Delainers for Sophie: charity auction

Dear Delainers,

We are proud to announce the third edition of the Delainers for Sophie auction! For this years auction, we were lucky enough to receive a variety of items by very kind and talented musicians who have worked with Delain over the years.

In the next weeks, starting today, we will be sharing very blurry or close up images of some of the generous artists who made contributions to this important cause. You may even recognize one or two of them. We hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming event. We can’t wait to unveil the contributors! Good luck with your guessing!

The auction will be held on our own website. In the side menu, you can find the items (starting on July 16th) and more information about the auction. You can find a “my account” button too where you can register.

The auction starts at July 16th. We will keep you updated on our website, our Facebook page and Instagram page!

The Others crew


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