Additional auction information

In the last few years, we organised the Delainers for Sophie auctions. With these auctions, we offer people items that are not normally available at the merchandise stands or webshops, and at the same time, we donate to a great cause. Every Sunday evening (20:00 CEST)  we will reveal some new items. The auction starts on July 14th.
Would you like to contribute but don’t want to buy any items? This year, we have an option for donation as well.

All items will be shipped after the auction ends, which is on August 13th. This is to ensure that, in case you buy multiple items, we can ship these together when possible. We will list the expected shipping costs with the items.

After winning the auction for one (or maybe more 🙂 ) items, you will receive an automatic email with your order, and we will contact you for the payment and shipping costs.

Making an account on our auction webshop is free. You will not receive any emails from us, only after winning the auction.

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