Martijn Westerholt: keys
Charlotte Wessels: vocals
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije: bass
Timo Somers: guitar
Ruben Israel: drums
Merel Bechtold: guitar

Starting as a project from Martijn Westerholt in Zwolle, The Netherlands, Delain have made huge steps towards conquering the world with their music. They started as a project, and grew from a small, starting band with big ambitions and even bigger ideas to the band they are today. Starting with their debut album Lucidity, which was released in 2006, they made an immediate impact on the symphonic metal world. They continued gaining fans while touring with songs from Lucidity and from their second album, April Rain, that was released in 2009.  Their most significant breakthrough came with 2012’s We Are The Others. Now, two years on from the release of the fourth album The Human Contradiction, Delain are back to fortify their position in the metal world even more with the release of their fifth album, Moonbathers.

With this album, it looks like Delain is certain to further enhance their already sturdy reputation. With this album, they have produced what is the most diverse, daring and powerful album of Delain so far. This diversion comes from their extensive touring during the recording of Moonbathers, as Martijn explains: “We had the luxury problem of doing back to back tours. As we didn’t have the time to take a break from touring long enough to write and record an entire album, we decided upfront to chop up the entire process into three chunks, in order to utilize the smaller timeframes between tours and give the songs the time and attention they needed. As a result, it’s a very varied album.” Charlotte explains the title of the album: “I was looking at the lyrics and some of them were dark to the point of being morbid! Negative emotions are a trigger for my creativity, but though most of my lyrics originate there, I don’t want to glorify it. So as a lyricist I try to make sure that there is always some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. I also realized that when I feel bad, it is sad music more than anything that makes me feel better. So I embraced the idea that it’s possible to find comfort there, and I went looking for a metaphor for finding that light in the darkness. The ultimate icon of that, for me, is the moon. So I chose moonbathers, rather than sunbathers, as a metaphor for those who find comfort in darkness.”



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