The Fanclub

Welcome to The Others, Delains official international fanclub!

This fanclub is run by people from all over the world. First, we were small fanclubs, running the fanclubs for our own countries. Now, we joined forces to create one big Delain-family! Through the new fanclub, fans from all over the world can communicate with eachother on our forum. In the future, we want to organise give-aways in collaboration with the band and we are planning to publish online fanzines. When those projects are running, you can find all information on our forum. Our projects will also be announced in a newsletter we will send regularly, so you won’t miss anything! You can sign up for the newsletter by registering on our forum.

Membership is and will remain to be free. Sign up through our forum!

On our website, you can find links for all existing fanpages. These pages will keep you informed in your own language. Do you have a Delain fanclub and would you like to join us? Click on the contact-tab in the menu!


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